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Welcome to the ONVU Learning Network Test Tool. Our goal is to give you everything you need to quickly and efficiently set up ONVU Learning at your institution.

ONVU Learning is a cloud-based software solution with IOT (Internet of Things) cameras installed on the customer site. The users of the system access the software via their web browser.

Both the camera and the user's browser need a connection to the cloud for the system to operate properly. This Network Test Tool will test your network and report if connection to the Cloud Endpoints (individual cloud connections) will be possible.

If they are not, this will be due to your network blocking them in some way. These blocks will need to be opened by you or your network administrator.

There are automatic and manual tests to run. You can download the report to share with colleagues or the ONVU Learning Support Team.

Please ensure you are doing the test whilst on the same network that the ONVU Learning camera will be installed on and where the user's device will be connected. If these are different networks, it is important the tool is run on both.

Network Test Results

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# Status URL Notes
ONVU Learning Website Tests
ONVU Learning Device Tests
Optional Tests

Performing Network Tests

Once the network test is complete, this window will automatically close. You can view the results or download them in the form of a PDF.

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